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Convert engineering spreadsheets into secure Web Portals– Aug 15, 2019

No more emailing and editing spreadsheets!

Easily convert your Excel spreadsheet into an “outward facing”, web portal to allow dispersed staff or outside parties such as customers, resellers and partners to use your application – securely and without exposing the underlying Excel file. Learn how EASA enables you to:

  • Create apps with no programming
  • Build a custom UI – more intelligent and polished, can be public facing
  • Store data in a relational, rather than flat file, database – filterable searches and analytics possible!
  • Make your app accessible from any connected device including mobile
  • Eliminate the need to have Excel installed on the accessing device
  • Run back-end on your network on in the cloud



Two sessions are being offered, 9am and 2pm. Both are Eastern  Daylight Time (New York).

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