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Create a Secure and Professional Web Portal from a Spreadsheet – May 21, 2019

No more emailing and editing spreadsheets!

Easily convert your Excel spreadsheet into an “outward facing”, web portal to allow dispersed staff or outside parties such as customers, resellers and partners to use your application – securely and without exposing the underlying Excel file. Learn how EASA:

  • Does not require IT or programmers, as it involves no code writing
  • Enables you to create a custom app resulting in far more elegant, intelligent and practical interfacing compared to Excel by itself
  • Can be configured to automate links to other software such as databases, CRM and ERP systems, etc.
  • Makes your app accessible and usable from any connected device including smart phones
  • Eliminates the need to have Excel installed on the accessing device
  • Can reside on your network on in the cloud



Two sessions are being offered, 9am and 2pm. Both are Eastern  Daylight Time (New York).

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