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Regain Control of Critical Pricing and Configuration Spreadsheets Using Web-Enabling Technology


Two sessions are being offered, 9am and 2pm. Both are Eastern Time (New York).

Shared spreadsheets are fraught with familiar challenges associated with version control, IP security, usage visibility, etc. But with man-decades of investment into spreadsheets, replacing them is itself another challenge.

Explore a completely unique approach – using EASA. With EASA you create a web app that drives your spreadsheets and processes in a manner that:

  • Does not require IT or programmers, as it involves no code writing
  • Is completely customizable, resulting in far more elegant, intelligent and practical interfacing compared to Excel by itself
  • Can be configured to automate links to other software such as databases, CRM and ERP systems, etc.
  • Is accessible and usable from any device connected to your corporate network, including mobile devices.

Find out how major companies like GE, Zurich and LeasePlan preserved their existing business processes and software tools by using EASA.

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