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EASA presenting at IDMA 2020 Annual Conference (Virtual)

Tuesday October 6, 2020 2:45 PM – 3:30 PM ET

Data management is one of an insurance company’s most critical activities, and Excel, despite its’ numerous pitfalls, is one of the most common tools used. Learn how EASA has helped numerous companies effectively deal with spreadsheets in the age of Digital Transformation.

EASA provides a low-code platform which enables companies to rapidly build and publish “fit for purpose” applications. Unlike other low-code platforms, however, EASA enables application building to leverage Excel spreadsheets (complete with macros, VBA and addins) as “logic engines” for the apps they publish.

This approach enables enterprise-grade apps to be deployed that incorporate complex business logic and intellectual property, and completely eliminates the need to recreate the logic that already exists in the existing Excel spreadsheet.

Customers include AIG, Marsh and Zurich.

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Democratization of Simulation
Transforming Excel Spreadsheets into Enterprise Applications