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Management and control of Excel Spreadsheets

Videos: Secure Deployment of Excel Spreadsheets as Web Apps

The lack of a strategy to manage and control your company’s spreadsheets often limits the potential of leveraging Excel as an enterprise application. Weak or non-existent version control and access control can quickly result in spreadsheet chaos, or worse – the release of critical IP into unauthorized hands, or insidious errors causing monumental risk and cost to a company.

In contrast, using EASA you can continue to use your critical spreadsheets, but without these potentially disastrous pitfalls. Without having to resort to custom software development, EASA enables you to deploy modern, web accessible spreadsheet models that are:

  • Easily used by others who do not have to be experienced with the underlying spreadsheet(s), process or workflow
  • Maintained with complete integrity, version control and security of the underlying intellectual property (calculations, functions, macros, VBA, etc.)
  • Access controlled to specific user-groups, with automatically documented audit trail of usage
  • 100% reliable in operation across the network, regardless of local infrastructure
  • Accessible via mobile devices that have access to your corporate intranet

Watch a video to see the easily mastered process for creating EASA apps:

Deploying a spreadsheet with macros or VBA as a web application

Macros and VBA pose no issue whatsoever for EASA. There is no rewriting or translation involved, and your original macros will continue to operate in exactly the way as in the original spreadsheet. EASA essentially provides web access to your spreadsheet, faithfully replicating the functionality and reliability regardless of the locally installed Excel version, or even if Excel is not locally installed.

Rapid codeless creation of a secure enterprise web app from an Excel spreadsheet

Spreadsheet appification eliminates version control chaos, accidental IP exposure, accidental formulae overwrites, and a host of other common spreadsheet pitfalls while providing users with an interface that is much easier to understand. See how straightforward app building (“authoring”) is, and without any programming required.


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