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Rapid application development

Streamlining and Simplifying Complex Software for Specific Applications

Many software tools were designed to accommodate a very wide range of applications, making them flexible but often coming with two major downsides – time consuming to use, or difficult to use for those not familiar with the application and underlying software tool. EASA eliminates this barrier by enabling ultra-fast authoring of custom user interfaces (UI) that can embed design and business rules, intelligent constraints and error checking – for a fraction of the cost usually associated with custom application development projects, and without any programming.

EASA enables you to build browser based custom applications that drive spreadsheets, analysis and reporting tools, simulation/modeling software or workflows, as well as databases, in-house and legacy systems. Deployment is greatly simplified and far more reliable since there is no longer the need to have the underlying software tool installed locally. Additionally, you will have complete version control, auditability, and intellectual property security.

Watch a video to see the easily mastered process for creating EASA apps:

Automating a legacy process by transforming it into an intelligent web app

Despite being well validated and having very high value (often unique) methodologies and algorithms, legacy software is often under utilized due to clumsy user interfaces (text based input files, confusing command line input, etc.) and scarcity of compute hardware capable of running these codes. Watch how EASA enables you to breathe new life into old software.

Converting a financial calculator spreadsheet into a custom web application

The simplicity of using EASA is shown in this video. Custom user interfaces are easily created, and if necessary, other programs can be integrated so a user has one intuitive web app to drive an entire process. With complete version and access control, Excel chaos is eliminated while your intellectual property is fully protected, and an automatic audit trail is created with every use.

Embedding engineering design rules into a custom configuration-to-order web app

By integrating with databases as well as design software, then wrapping the process with an intelligent GUI, this app enables non experts to select from existing components or safely conduct a design calculation. The underlying workflow involves Excel, CAD, FEA and MS Access.

Simplifying a CAD and analysis workflow with a custom configurator for non-experts

By matching a design to existing CAD drawings or automatically generating a new design by creating a new CAD file and then running a simulation via a structural analysis program, non subject matter experts such sales and marketing staff or even customers can quickly determine a feasible configuration


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