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See How EASA Transforms Existing Models into Modern, Enterprise-Grade Web Apps

Companies turn to EASA because it uniquely enables non-IT, “citizen developers” to address several needs:

  • web-enabling existing tools, models, workflows and processes
  • improving usability of software and workflows with the creation of fit-for-purpose user interfaces
  • rigorously controlling intellectual property, user access, version control and integrity
  • ensuring consistent processes

This is done in a no-code or low-code environment.

Watch the videos to see the app building process and examples of use cases:

Deploying a spreadsheet with macros or VBA as a web application

Macros and VBA pose no issue whatsoever for EASA. There is no rewriting or translation involved, and your original macros will continue to operate in exactly the way as in the original spreadsheet. EASA faithfully replicates the functionality and reliability regardless of the locally installed Excel version, or even if Excel is not locally installed.

Rapid creation of a secure enterprise web app from an Excel spreadsheet

Spreadsheet appification eliminates version control chaos, accidental IP exposure, accidental formulae overwrites, and a host of other common spreadsheet pitfalls while providing users with an interface that is much easier to understand. See how straightforward app building (“authoring”) is, and without any programming required.

Deployment of standardized Mathcad and Excel calculations as web apps

Math software tools such as MATLAB, Mathcad and Excel comprise the most common platforms for custom calculations and models, but can be difficult to use and also suffer from the typical problems of desktop based software (installation required for end-users, version control, IP security, audit trail, etc.). See how EASA facilitates automation and collaboration by deploying standardized analyses as intuitive web apps.

Deploying a configuration-to-order spreadsheet as a web app

Configuration to order or engineered to order calculations are a common application of Excel, as well as related pricing and proposal generation. With EASA, your custom tools are transformed into intelligent web apps, freeing them of the typical problems with spreadsheets such as lack of version and access control, weak or nonexistent IP security, difficulty for unfamiliar users to operate, etc. See the straightforward process of Excel appification.

Embedding design rules into a custom configuration-to-order web app

By integrating with databases as well as design software, then wrapping the process with an intelligent GUI, this app enables non experts to select from existing components or safely conduct a design calculation. The underlying workflow involves Excel, CAD, FEA and MS Access.

Simplifying CAD and analysis workflows with a custom configurator for non-experts

By matching a design to existing CAD drawings or automatically generating a new design by creating a new CAD file and then running a simulation via a structural analysis program, non subject matter experts such sales and marketing staff or even customers can quickly determine a feasible configuration

Converting a financial calculator spreadsheet into a custom web application

The simplicity of using EASA is shown in this video. Custom user interfaces are easily created, and if necessary, other programs can be integrated so a user has one intuitive web app to drive an entire process. With complete version and access control, Excel chaos is eliminated while your intellectual property is fully protected, and an automatic audit trail is created with every use.

Encapsulating a CAD and structural analysis model into a simplified web app

Significant efficiency gains can be realized by appifying a repeated process used to simulate mild derivative designs. Integration and automation coupled with strict adherence to a design rule based methodology ensures fast and reliable new designs. Not only does this offer efficiency gains to existing users, but enables new and inexperienced users to utilize the modeling technology.

Automating a legacy process by transforming it into an intelligent web app

Despite being well validated and having very high value (often unique) methodologies and algorithms, legacy software is often under utilized due to clumsy user interfaces (text based input files, confusing command line input, etc.) and scarcity of compute hardware capable of running these codes. Watch how EASA enables you to breathe new life into old software.

Automating the design of an engineer-to-order product with an EASA web app

By integrating several different tools, including Excel, CAD, analysis and database software, non experts can drive a complex process workflow from a simple and intuitive web app. If the requirement can be fulfilled by an existing design, the app automatically identifies it. If a new design is needed, the app embeds expert’s knowledge to ensure design rules are enforced.


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