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Eight Problems With Excel Spreadsheets for Engineers, Modelers and Analysts

by Mike Nieburg in All Blog Posts, Democratization, Spreadsheets

It’s pretty obvious why we use Excel so much — it’s easy to get to grips with, everyone uses it, and it’s familiar. But when engineers and scientists look to Excel to perform modeling & simulation, data analysis or any complex scientific calculation, it can become a liability.

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Pfizer Finds Solution in Corporate-Wide Deployment of Modeling Technology With EASA

by admin in All Blog Posts, Democratization, Process Automation

In the incredibly competitive pharmaceutical industry, innovation is everything. And when it comes to process design innovation, modeling is critically important to innovation. Modeling technology allows for process designs to be conceptualized, developed and refined, tested and verified. A good model can be applied to different problems and challenges. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer leveraged modeling techniques […]

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