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( Keep) Using Excel for Configure-Price-Quote (“CPQ”)

Companies that have very complex configuration, pricing and quoting logic that also requires frequent updates and changes often rely Excel. Excel provides flexibility, power and familiarity that is simply not available in dedicated Pricing and CPQ solutions, and the cost and time to implement a custom coded solution is not practical.

What they need is the disciplined process and connectivity offered by CPQ solutions while relying on their existing Excel spreadsheet models for the business logic. EASA provides you something no other solution can offer – it enables you to keep your Excel files, including any VBA, macros and add-ins, but create a workflow that integrates Excel to any other software, for example databases or ERP/CRM/PLM systems and implement process control such as authorizations and approvals, automatic emails, MS Office output and the like. Sometimes, replacing Excel is simply not an option!

Why spend the time and effort recreating all of your extensive and complex configuration and pricing logic in order to implement a dedicated CPQ system, when you can keep using your spreadsheets? EASA transforms them into enterprise web apps which are completely secure and incorruptible, and are created with minimal coding with EASA’s Advanced Low-Code technology.







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