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Often bad mouthed and even ridiculed, Excel is none-the-less a critical tool for many companies. Its universal familiarity, immense flexibility and power, and agility to be adapted at the speed of business enable it to take on very specific and custom functions simply not available in dedicated, off the shelf tools, and the cost of custom coding a replacement is often prohibitively expensive and time consuming.

Attempts to tame Excel with web sharing tools often end in frustration when your VBA, macros or add-ins fail to work, or you are still faced with unsecured intellectual property.

EASA’s unique and patented technique allows you to keep your spreadsheets along with any VBA, macros, etc. and reliably deploy them as enterprise web apps, removing the chaos (lack of version control, IP protection, formula overwrites, etc.).

Part of a process or workflow? No problem, as EASA can enable integration with virtually any other software platform (databases, ERP and PLM systems, CRM, CAE, etc.) but accessed by a single web browser accessible app.

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Democratization of Simulation
Transforming Excel Spreadsheets into Enterprise Applications