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Excel is often a primary or significant tool within an engineer or configure to order process which may also include databases, ERP/PLM systems and CAD and CAE design software. The power, agility and flexibility of Excel, not to mention its familiarity, make it a common choice, but this introduces the typical problems associated with its use such as lack of version control, IP security, audit history and so forth.

EASA enables you to continue using your spreadsheets (along with any VBA, macros, special formulas and add-ins) but in a web enabled app form, eliminating virtually all of the typical Excel problem. Furthermore, the entire workflow process can be automated with EASA, enabling integration with other software that can select or design appropriate hardware components, and create reports, BOMs, quotes and proposals.

Incorporating EASA has resulted in dramatically less time to produce a price quote or proposal (weeks to days), and provided a robust solution at a fraction of the cost and time that would be needed to custom code a system from scratch.

Democratization of Simulation
Transforming Excel Spreadsheets into Enterprise Applications