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Eliminate Spreadsheet Chaos

Eliminate Spreadsheet Chaos by Transforming Them Into Online Web Apps

Excel is the most widely used business tool, and no wonder – it has unmatched flexibility, agility and familiarity.

However, Excel is designed as a desktop solution rather than an enterprise tool, and when complex spreadsheets, often with VBA and macros, are made accessible to multiple users within an organization, then loss of  version control, unsecured intellectual property, compromised reliability and integrity, and lack of any auditability often results – spreadsheet chaos!

How can you keep your spreadsheets and the wonderful flexibility and familiarity that comes with them, but not suffer from the chaos?

Converting access to spreadsheets via web apps, companies eliminate these limitations and bottlenecks. EASA secures your spreadsheets so that users do not directly access them (no downloading, copying, emailing, editing, etc.) and instead only provide access via a web app. This customizable web app becomes the portal through which the user provides the input information and receives the real-time calculated outputs, so there is no conversion or alteration of your actual underlying Excel file, ensuring it continues to run in exactly the same manner it always has (complete with any VBA, macros or advanced formulas).

More on How it Works

Major companies have discovered that EASA’s unique web-enabling technology transforms spreadsheets into collaborative, secure and enterprise-grade applications.

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Transforming Excel Spreadsheets into Enterprise Applications