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“Appification” of Excel & MATLAB into enterprise simulation tools

Mathematical models are valuable assets for your organization. EASA allows you to share these models securely with end-users who may be distributed around the world, and who may not have the skill and experience to use them in their “raw” form.

“Internal customers have not historically had access to some of our most valuable tools. The EASA platform has changed this”.

John Clisham, Procter & Gamble (read full P&G Case Study )

EASA enables mathematical models developed with mathematical modeling tools such as MATLAB and Mathcad to be deployed web apps. These apps are:

  • Easily used by people who may not have experience with the underlying modeling software.
  • Version controlled
  • Secure – your underlying intellectual property cannot be exposed or reverse-engineered
  • Access-controlled to specific users or groups (whether internal or external to your organization)
  • 100% reliable in operation across the network, regardless of local infrastructure
  • Accessible by any device, including mobile, without the need to have the underlying software locally installed
  • Automatically documented with a complete audit trail of users’ results
  • Collaborative – a central repository of results enables users to share work easily
  • Process centric – one seamless app can drive multiple tools in a workflow or process

Also, unlike typical custom application development, authoring an EASA application requires NO programming.

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