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Modernizing In-house Legacy Codes & Scripts

Many in-house and legacy applications are critical to the day-to-day operations of a business. Written in anything from old programming languages like FORTRAN to modern languages like Python and R, in-house code can be difficult for an organization to deploy to modern desktops. The cost of adding a Graphical User Interface is often prohibitively expensive, and requires specialized software developers and IT resources not necessarily available.

EASA overcomes these problems by enabling non-programmers to create modern, web-enabled applications to drive legacy software.

“EASA makes our valuable in-house software more accessible to new users. We have created many EASA applications without any programming, in a fraction of the time that would have been required using a conventional language.”

Denny Hayek, Process Engineering Manager, Monsanto

EASA applications are:

  • Easily used by others people who may do not have experience with the underlying codes
  • Version controlled
  • Secure – your underlying intellectual property cannot be reverse-engineered
  • Access-controlled to specific users or groups (whether internal or external to your organization)
  • 100% reliable in operation across the network, regardless of local infrastructure
  • Accessible by any device, including mobile, without the need to have the underlying software locally installed
  • Automatically documented with a complete audit trail of users’ results
  • Collaborative – a central repository of results enables users to share work easily
  • Process centric – one seamless app can drive multiple tools in a workflow or process
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