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Democratizing ANSYS®, NASTRAN® and other CAE Modeling Tools

Simulation-based design is widely viewed as the way of the future for any manufacturing company wishing to remain competitive. However, a major bottleneck limiting the practical sharing and leveraging of these valuable simulation tools is that many potential end-users lack the experience or knowledge to use them in their “raw” form. EASA enables simulation or analytics models of varying complexity to be repackaged and deployed as intuitive web apps.

“This new approach has already generated noticeable improvements in our design group, including significantly reducing the design lifecycle.”

Richard Hoyle, Design Manager, Air International

EASA web applications are:

  • Easily used by others people who may do not have experience with the underlying simulation software, workflows or models
  • Version controlled
  • Secure – your underlying intellectual property cannot be reverse-engineered
  • Access-controlled to specific users or groups (whether internal or external to your organization)
  • 100% reliable in operation across the network, regardless of local infrastructure
  • Accessible by any device, including mobile, without the need to have the underlying software locally installed
  • Automatically documented with a complete audit trail of users’ results
  • Collaborative – a central repository of results enables users to share work easily
  • Process centric – one seamless app can drive multiple tools in a workflow or process

EASA will play an essential role in your simulation lifecycle management (SLM) / simulation data management (SDM) strategy, and does so without involving any programming.

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