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Democratization of modeling and simulation

Democratization of Complex or Proprietary Processes

“Simulation is absolutely critical to our customers’ competitiveness. With EASA, we can now get these tools and models to a wider audience, enabling truly remarkable productivity gains ” – Juan Betts, Front End Analytics

Imagine how greater accessibility of simulation technology to a broader user base could benefit your enterprise. Could this shorten your design cycle? Could you have greater innovation? Could sales and marketing respond to customer inquiries faster? Could different departments collaborate more efficiently?

The democratization of simulation and design optimization is proving to be an increasingly important goal for enterprises. Historically, simulation models and technologies have been restricted to those with the expertise to understand, safely utilize and decipher them – engineers and model owners. Even if they could be taught to use this software, how do you ensure non-experienced users create feasible designs?

With EASA, you can appify  your simulation models to easily-deployed, web-based applications that embed design rules, constraint checks and error trapping which can then be deployed to any controlled group of users. Users could be existing users needing to streamline their current workflows, occassional-use engineers who don’t have the time to refamiliarize themselves to a particular code or even those brand new to modeling. EASA enables you, without any programming required, to easily deploy:

  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Mathcad, MATLAB and other mathematical modeling tools
  • ANSYS, Nastran, and other CAE Modeling tools
  • In-House and legacy software

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Democratization of Simulation
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