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When a vendor develops a software tool, it is usually designed to work for many different use-cases to accommodate a wide range of customers. The disadvantage of this is that software tools are typically much more complex than any given user requires, who may need perhaps as little as 5% of the total capability.

Furthermore, when such software applications are part of a process that is repeatedly executed, then bottlenecks and inefficiencies multiply. The requirement for expertise with the software (or workflow), as well as intimate knowledge of design or business rules means that only a few subject matter experts can reliably execute such processes.

With EASA, entire processes can be transformed into a web app with a highly streamlined custom user interface, with embedded intelligence to ensure conformity to acceptable ranges and other rules or knowledge-based heuristics.

This appification then allows inexperienced users to safely utilize the underlying software, and greatly streamlines the effort even for experienced users.

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