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Ensure Error Free Operation

When deploying software tools throughout an enterprise, subtle mismatches of local IT infrastructure (software and hardware) can cause these tools to fail to run properly – for example a spreadsheet with a macro may not run correctly on a different version of Excel – or not at all if the user does not have the right security settings.  Some software, notably legacy programs, often require non-standard operating systems and software, making deployment even trickier.

EASA completely eliminates the possibility of this type of failure, as the underlying software is run on a proven (and secure) server, and access is via a web browser, from anywhere on your corporate network (where authorized), regardless of the locally installed software or lack thereof. This includes mobile devices, which typically do not have any of the underlying software locally installed.

Additionally, errors due to input mistakes can  be greatly reduced by embedding intelligence at the user interface level with EASA’s custom interface building capability.

EASA customers have seen 50% or more improvement in initial reliability compared with the typical approach of installing software on users’ local machines.

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