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Creation of Fit-For-Purpose Apps

Rapid application development

“Applying EASA has brought us significant savings in time through massive reduction in manual intervention, and greater accuracy of captured data.”     – David Ford, Catastrophe Risk Manager, Amlin

Many software tools are designed to accommodate a very wide range of applications, making them highly flexible. However, there are two major downsides – such tools are frequently time consuming to use, or difficult to use for those not intimately familiar with the application – for example, think of all the time wasted grappling with some of the advanced features just in MS Word or Excel, 90% of which are not required for most users.

EASA eliminates this problem by enabling ultra-fast authoring of custom apps that can embed design and business rules, intelligent constraints and error checking – without any programming involved.

Furthermore, EASA apps are browser based so they can be immediately deployed as widely as required, while completely eliminating the need to have the underlying software tool installed locally. This “appification” (what is appification?) confers a host of benefits, including:

  • Complete reliability that the deployed applications will run for any authorized user, including on mobile devices
  • Full audit trail of usage
  • Total protection of intellectual property – no files are involved and thus cannot be copied, downloaded or emailed
  • Strict version control

Our customers benefit from greatly enhanced ease of use and access while enjoying vastly improved safety and reliability for nearly any software including spreadsheets, analysis and reporting tools, simulation/modeling software as well as databases, in-house and legacy systems.

With EASA’s patented technology, the time and cost usually associated with custom application development projects can be reduced by an order of magnitude. Common applications include CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), insurance actuary calculations and ratings, those in highly regulated industries (pharmaceutical, aerospace, medical) and general engineering and financial modeling.

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