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business process improvement

Automation & Integration of Business & Software Processes

Many organizations have built largely ad hoc processes that may involve, spreadsheets, emails,  various software and databases in order to achieve an business objective such as a configured to order price quote or custom proposal. These processes are very segmented, inefficient, error prone and difficult for inexperienced personnel to use. Companies are using EASA for business process improvement by creating web applications that automate and integrate their processes while also benefiting from the ability to create highly customize, fit-for-purpose user interfaces that substantially enhance the practical usability of the apps for a very diverse base of users. These EASA apps are:

  • Easily used by others who do not have to be experienced with the underlying software, process or workflow
  • Maintained with complete integrity, version control and security of the underlying intellectual property (calculations, functions, VBA, etc.)
  • 100% reliable in operation across the network, regardless of local infrastructure (including mobile devices)
  • Access controlled to specific entities and automatically documented with a complete audit trail

No programming is necessary, and unlike other solutions, the underlying software continues to be used rather than being replaced or translated. Typical applications involve processes or workflows that include Excel, databases, ERP, scientific, CAE, financial, and actuarial software products as well as in-house and legacy codes.

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