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The Problem

When business people, engineers, scientists and analysts can’t get the automation they need from IT or consultants, they build tools and apps themselves. They typically rely on unmanaged spreadsheets and other desktop tools. Low-code development platforms (also known as “hpaPaaS” – High Productivity Application Platform as a Service) offer “citizen developers” as well as professional developers a managed and more productive environment for this inevitable software-delivery activity.

What is EASA?

EASA is a low-code development platform which was originally developed as a web based “appification” and deployment mechanism. To this day, our key differentiator is EASA’s ability to leverage existing tools created with Excel, MATLAB, Python, R, etc. as the “logic engine” of custom, fit-for-purpose web apps.  Today, customers such as AIG, HP, GE, P&G, Pfizer and Zurich Financial have deployed EASA to thousands of users, automating processes associated with billions of dollars of revenue.

The Benefits

EASA empowers citizen developers with a no-programming environment, which can be managed by IT. This provides numerous benefits including:

      • Access management – control who can see, use, and update apps
      • Version control
      • Auditability and compliance
      • Intellectual Property protection
      • 10x or more savings in developer-hours
      • Reliability – run anywhere via browser, regardless of local infrastructure, e.g. mobile devices, different local Excel versions, OS, etc.
      • Couple multiple programs, which may include databases, CRM systems such as Salesforce, ERP and PLM into a single app, greatly simplifying and automating work processes.

Our customers use EASA for a wide range of applications in nearly every industry, covering configuration, pricing, quoting, proposal generation, scenario modeling, engineering simulation, and much more (see Case Studies). Explore the four common use-cases below and learn how EASA may dramatically help you and your organization!

Democratization of Complex or Proprietary Processes

Many workflows, such as configuration, pricing and proposal generation, are “expert only”. Enable secure enterprise access with streamlined and simplified web apps.

Secure Deployment of Excel Spreadsheets as Web Apps

Replacing Excel is not always feasible. Eliminate the hazards and chaos that typically accompany spreadsheet usage and deployment.

Creation of Fit-For-Purpose Apps for Desktop and Mobile Devices

Complex workflows can waste valuable time. Create simplified but intelligent fit‐for‐purpose applications that capture expert knowledge, secure proprietary information, and enable broader usage.

Automation & Integration of Business & Software Processes

Multi-user multi-step multi-application processes can be unwieldy and error prone. Reduce manual effort, errors and time, and create a repeatable workflow – at the speed of your business.

Democratization of Simulation
Transforming Excel Spreadsheets into Enterprise Applications