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What is a CPQ Application and How Can it Help Your Business?

by EASA Software in All Blog Posts, Software Integration

We’ve had many clients leverage EASA software for their proposal and pricing generation, or CPQ, needs, due in large part to the flexible nature of EASA and the fact that it can easily integrate existing systems and spreadsheets.  But why exactly would a business need a custom application developed for CPQ (configure, price and quote)?

Often businesses will use Excel spreadsheets to develop CPQ or cost estimation systems as opposed to hard coded systems because of the flexibility that Excel provides given different variables that might come into complex pricing scenarios.  The problem with using Excel across multiple levels of users, however, comes down to security.  While the administrator of the CPQ spreadsheet needs the flexibility to adjust and maintain it, how do you then deploy that spreadsheet to the company’s end users with restricted access and necessary protection of proprietary algorithms and methods?

Enter EASA.  EASA’s CPQ solution allows administrators to control and restrict “master” versions of CPQ spreadsheets, while at the same time granting access to end-users through a secure web application which functions as it should but preserves the security of proprietary information that may be powering the document.

Does your business face security challenges when deploying CPQ systems?  Maybe EASA can help.

Article by EASA Software

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