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Using A CPQ Software Solution To Save Your Business Money

by EASA Software in All Blog Posts, Software Integration

Putting together proposals and figuring out pricing for new or potential customers is often a painful process, especially if your products or services are highly configurable based on the customer’s requirements. For you, there is no such thing as a quick and easy price list or barcode scan. Each proposal is as different and individual as the client it is created for.

Traditional pricing software simply isn’t applicable or useable for this type of individualize proposal. These old school software programs are hard coded which prohibit the flexibility and customization needed for these proposals. Luckily, with EASA’s proposal automation software there is now a solution.

Proposal automation software, commonly called CPQ software, saves business who regularly issue proposals to potential clients, time (and money) by streamlining the process in a customizable and efficient manner.

The following characteristics make this proposal automation software an amazing solution for businesses:

1) Customization: The whole purpose of CPQ vs. traditional pricing structure is the ability to customize. Well structured proposal automation software will allow this type of needed customization. Fields can be added or deleted, different viewers or users can be allowed access to review and/or edit. The sky is the limit.

2) Automation: In most cases a certain number of numerical amounts will be consistent across all proposals. CPQ software will automate these, as well as any other information or data that remains consistent. It even allows the user to set up certain custom pricing structures that can be automated to cut down on unneeded administrative work.

3) Ease of communication: How often in the proposal creation process do you waste time and energy in a back and forth email chain or phone call parade trying to organize and sort through the different sections of a given proposal. Whether due to many parties being involved or a variety of other reasons, these wasteful communication circles eat away at time and money. With CPQ software this can be a thing of the past.

CPQ software can revolutionize how your company operates. You spend less time with burdensome processes and have more time to focus on making, selling and servicing your product and customer.


Article by EASA Software

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