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How Streamlining Proposal Generation Can Put You Ahead of your Competition

by EASA Software in All Blog Posts, Process Automation

It’s a common concern of nearly every business owner, large or small: how do I get more business, and differentiate myself from my competition in the process of attempting to earn that business?

Often one of the things that can help you win a bid for new work is fast turnaround time of your proposal.  Of course, turnaround time isn’t the ONLY factor, and most businesses will agree that they select service providers and vendors on many different criteria.  But a quick turnaround time at the proposal level can speak volumes about how efficient your business is run, and how responsive your company will be if the prospective client or customer were to hire you.  Imagine that you deliver a proposal that is, in essence, identical in price and service to that of your competitor’s…but it gets into the hands of your prospective client a week later than that of your competition.

Turnaround time for proposal generation is a major concern for companies that bid out complex jobs or highly customized products, as there are often multiple levels of feedback that go into the proposal, as well as many different cost factors.

This is why companies like GE Wind Energy and others leverage proposal generation software EASA.  Not only can a good CPQ software help you save cost in the process by streamlining proposal generation and reducing man hours and error potential, but the increased efficiency it provides allows you to deliver that proposal in less time, and hopefully ahead of your competition.


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