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GE presents white paper at NAFEMS 2019 – Automating Wind Farm Siting

The siting analysis of a new wind farm involves multiple steps to determine the feasibility of installing one or multiple models of wind turbines in specific locations. Previously, these evaluation processes for site-specific mechanical loads analysis (MLA) were done by geographically distributed wind farm engineering experts on their own computers with isolated software applications with multiple manually produced input files. Using EASA software, a system called Wind ITO Fulfillment Center (WIFC) was created to provide a streamlined approach to the siting of new wind farms, enabling a unified method to execute a disparate set of specialized analyses and programs from a common web interface.

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EASA makes Excel behave like an enterprise application

EASA is a “topware” platform that enables authors (a.k.a. “citizen developers”) to create and publish custom, fit-for-purpose applications within a low code environment. The key difference between EASA and other low-code platforms, however, is that EASA enables authors to create apps that leverage existing assets such as spreadsheets as well as workflows consisting of various software tools
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CIO Magazine selects EASA as a top 10 Low Code Platform Provider for 2018

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Engineering with Excel

September 2018 – Desktop Engineering, Technology for Optimal Engineering Design: With the right tools and best practices, organizations can move the digital thread forward and keep using spreadsheets
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EASA Advanced Low-Code Development Democratizes Complex Simulation Models

September 17, 2018 – CIMdata Industry Summary Article: EASA is shown to save up to 90% of the development investment to create custom, fit-for-purpose applications compared to hand coding from scratch.
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Tampa Bay Technology Incubator Welcomes EASA, Inc.

TAMPA, Fla. (Sept. 4, 2018) – EASA Inc., a global software solutions provider founded in 2002, has joined the University of South Florida’s Tampa Bay Technology Incubator (TBTI). The company transforms existing software workflows into scalable, collaborative and enterprise-grade web apps.
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The Web App Approach to Simulation Democratization

September 03, 2018 – engineering.com: Putting the power of simulation into the hands of as many people as possible, be they analysts, designers, salespeople, or the Queen of England!
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Web Tools Supporting Seismic Qualification of Electrical Equipment

Engineering knowledge capture and dissemination to the non-specialist helps Schneider Electric deploy their design tools
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Intelligent Web Apps Enable Democratized Component Design at ZF

By creating an intelligent, fit-for-purpose app, a complex simulation of a steering system component is made much more practical for design engineers at ZF
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EASA Provides a Breakthrough in Accessibility of Machine Learning

Machine learning is a relatively new approach which has been applied to a wide variety of computing tasks where designing and programming explicit algorithms with acceptable accuracy and performance is either difficult or impossible.  See work presented at CAASE18: The Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering demonstrating the feasibility and convenience of utilizing EASA to deploy models based on machine learning, which would otherwise remain usable only by computer scientists.
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The Path to Simulation Democratization

The Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering (CAASE) 2018, which occurred earlier this month in Cleveland, Ohio, saw a congregation of the world’s foremost experts on computer-aided engineering (CAE). While these experts discussed numerous CAE topics—from topology optimization to biomedical simulation to blockchain—one topic received particular emphasis at the conference: democratization.
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Link Almost Any CAE and Design Software Tool into an App With EASA

Imagine a sales engineer sizing equipment on the fly while a customer is on the line.
Imagine a manufacturing operator preventing a major shutdown after plugging in values they have never seen coming from their equipment before.
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EASA Software Featured in Bloor Research InDetail Paper By Philip Howard

Bloor Research, independent IT research, analysis and consultancy firm based in Europe published an InDetail paper on rapid codeless application development and deployment software EASA. The InDetail paper, authored by Philip Howard of Bloor Research, provides an executive summary of EASA’s capabilities, as well as an in-depth analysis of EASA’s capabilities and applications.
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Simulation Is Becoming Democratized—At Last (Part 3)

This third and final installment in this series focuses on a revolutionary new generation of fit-for-purpose, product-specific and often user-organization-specific simulation “apps.” By placing advanced simulation and analysis technologies “under the hood” from the user’s perspective, simulation apps are making unprecedented powers of automated design exploration, optimization, synthesis and validation accessible, usable and safe for non-analyst engineers and designers across a wide and still growing range of products and industries.
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EASA: Transforming Excel® Spreadsheets Into Enterprise Web Applications

Many businesses rely heavily on Excel®, but how do you ensure proprietary algorithms and business processes in a spreadsheet are secure? EASA enables complex spreadsheet tools to be deployed as simplified web applications.
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EASA: Democratizing Modeling & Simulation through “Appification”

What is appification of democratization of simulation and modeling, and how can it help companies gain competitive edge in the marketplace? CIO Review speaks to this in this article featuring EASA.
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Romax Technology and EASA® Announce Distribution Agreement

EASA Software Ltd., a leading provider of model deployment technology, today announced a new distribution agreement with Romax Technology, a UK-based global leader in analytical solutions for transmission, axle and driveline systems. This partnership embeds EASA’s “appification” technology in Romax’s product range, enabling Romax to democratize its advanced CAE technology via web deployment.
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Front End Analytics to Present Intelligent Fit-for-Purpose Apps at 2016 NAFEMS Engineering Analysis & Simulation in the Automotive Industry

For information on NAFEMS past and upcoming events, click here.

EASA identified as 3rd Generation Simulation and Analysis Deployment Platform

In a recent article “New Frontiers in Simulation Process Automation” published on 3dCadWorld.com by Bruce Jenkins, President of Ora Research, EASA was identified as a 3rd generation simulation and analysis deployment platform.
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EASA-Powered Apps Cited By Desktop Engineering For Ability To Increase Access to Simulation

The popular engineering and design publication Desktop Engineering released a video in which Kenneth Wong, editor of Desktop Engineering, reviewed two apps built by Front End Analytics using EASA codeless application authoring platform.
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Engineering for Everyone

Front End Analytics (www.feasol.com), an EASA implementation partner, discusses the value of intelligent, web-enabled applications which allow everyone in  your organization to safely create product designs (Featured on Desktop Engineering).
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EASA Announces New Capability for SalesForce Integration

Companies can now use EASA to leverage existing CPQ (Configure Price Quote) spreadsheets as enterprise web apps, launched directly from SalesForce.com.
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From Excel to Enterprise App: Desktop Engineering Features EASA as Leader in Optimization

Desktop Engineering discusses EASA’s ability to integrate with CAD, CAE and other engineering software platforms to streamline optimization.
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Desktop Engineering Features EASA in Article: Converting a Spreadsheet for Engineering Calculations into an Enterprise Web App

Popular engineering publication Desktop Engineering featured EASA’s ability to convert engineering spreadsheets to enterprise level web applications.
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Experiences in the corporate-wide deployment of modeling technology at Pfizer – AIChE Annual Meeting

Pfizer utilizes EASA to deploy models based on Excel, MATLAB, gPROMS (and many others) as user-friendly and secure web-based applications, thus streamlining and simplifying the modeling process, and enabling collaboration and auditability.
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Deploying Your Engineering Applications Over a Private Cloud – Desktop Engineering

Desktop Engineering features this demonstration of how EASA can help you deploy your engineering applications to a “private cloud” that is accessible to end-users over your corporate network.
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Transforming Critical Spreadsheets into Web Applications at Zurich Financial – EuSpRIG Annual Conference

At the EuSpRIG Annual Conference EASA software was featured for their work with Zurich Financial in allowing the financial services giant to securely deploy spreadsheet-based rating and pricing models as web applications.
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Reducing the Risk and Cost of Spreadsheet Usage – EuSpRIG Annual Conference

At the EuSpRIG Annual Conference, EASA Software’s work with Amlin was featured as an example of how one can utilize the spreadsheet deployment software to reduce the inherent risks of using spreadsheets for data gathering and reporting.
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A Streamlined Approach to Knowledge Capture, Retention and Communication for Wind Turbine Suitability Analysis – International Conference on Knowledge Generation, Communication and Management

At the International Conference on Knowledge Generation, Communication and Management, EASA Software’s work with GE Wind Energy was featured. EASA enabled GE to deploy a cost modeling application that resulted in faster proposal turnaround time and reduced company cost.
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Democratization of Simulation
Transforming Excel Spreadsheets into Enterprise Applications