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Desktop Engineering Reviews EASA Applications Built By Front End Analytics

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In a recent video feature, Kenneth Wong of Desktop Engineering took a look at applications built by Front End Analytics using EASA, and discussed how this approach can increase access to simulation. In this video, Wong cites what he calls the process of “Appification” – namely, delivering simulation not as general purpose software program but as highly tailored apps, each built specifically to enable simple and easy deployment and usage of a particular model by a wide range of users.

In this video, Wong reviewed FEA Solutions’ Ball Bearing Smart Product Generator as well as the Rectangular Plate Analysis app.

Watch the video here:


One of the key capabilities he outlined in the Ball Bearing Smart Product Generator was its ability to make input fields fool-proof by locking down parameters to a reasonable range. This has the benefit of enabling non-experts to apply expert knowledge embedded in the app, while also providing a repository in which your company’s expert knowledge can persist.

Wong also highlighted a similar functionality in the Plate Analysis app. The expert who has authored the application has restricted parameters to reasonable choices and combinations. If the users selects parameters outside of this range, the app will prompt for new parameter selections.

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