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Low Code Platform Development with EASA

by Mike Nieburg in All Blog Posts, Low-Code Development Platform

Low Code Platform Development with EASA

Businesses need to leverage their resources in order to maximize efficiency, output, and value. This has driven the need for applications tailored to specific needs and work-flows. In the past, the only way to create and deploy custom tools solutions was to dedicate a vast amount of resources – often months of time and millions of dollars.

However, new technologies exist that enable organizations to rapidly build and deploy enterprise apps without the time, money, and complexity associated with coding. These are known as “low-code platforms”, and for many industries, they are disrupting the status quo. Using EASA allows you to play the role of disruptor, instead of being one of the disrupted.

Low Code Platform

What Is Low Code?

Low Code is an approach to developing custom software and applications that enables “citizen developers” to quickly and efficiently deliver enterprise-class apps – without coding. A “citizen developer” is someone who is not a professional developer. When compared to past approaches to application development, Low Code offers organizations a new way to simplify workflows at a very affordable cost.

The Benefits of Low Code

The demand for customized web and mobile apps has led to the resurgence of the low code platform strategy. While the concept of low code has been around for decades, innovations have opened it up to new features and benefits for organizations.

To understand the overall benefits of low code in comparison to traditional development, it is important to look at the big picture over the long term. Increased competition in all industries has made it necessary for companies to be faster, better, more efficient – all at the same time. Custom applications can facilitate workers’ lives, and if built with a low code platform, are cost-effective. In summary, low code platforms offer numerous benefits:

  • Rapid Development of custom applications
  • Lower Costs
  • No Reliability on Manual Coding
  • Seamless Deployment
  • Easily Designed and Updated Apps

low code software

How EASA Can Help You

EASA is a low-code platform which enables “citizen developers” to create fit-for-purpose web apps. Uniquely, apps built with EASA can utilize your existing tools such as Excel, MATLAB, Python, and R. This eliminates re-work and streamlines your application deployment, because in most cases, the unmet need for a custom application has been partially met by, for example, ad-hoc spreadsheets, scripts, and desktop databases. If these existing assets can be re-purposed as a professional-looking web app, then clearly the effort is reduced.

So, EASA enables businesses to create enterprise-level web apps using its unique low code methodology that maximizes the re-use of existing assets. Rather than spending months designing and reworking applications with IT staff, and later having to identify and fix a problem in millions of lines of code, companies can streamline application deployment with EASA.

Build a web app with EASA and smoothly deploy, run, and manage your existing tools, including Excel. Doing so will accelerate your business and streamline your processes.

Learn more about how you can take advantage of the EASA low code platform by contacting a representative today at (800) 711-5346.

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