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Securing Intellectual Property

Excel® Spreadsheets often contain proprietary information and business logic that must not fall into unauthorized hands. Unfortunately, spreadsheets are extremely vulnerable to inadvertent (or intentional) dissemination via internal file sharing portals, email, and thumb drives. Though some protection of cells and sheets can be enabled within Excel, these measures are easily defeated. Furthermore, the spreadsheets are still functional, and this by itself may present a liability to your organization should it get into the hands of unauthorized parties.

In short, the sharing of spreadsheets in native Excel format is rather like sharing the source code for a mission-critical app developed specifically for your company.

EASA completely eliminates this issue, as direct access by end users to the actual spreadsheet is not required. With EASA, the spreadsheet is rendered as a browser based application, which is connected to an instance of Excel running on a secure server. The author of the app controls exactly what parts of the spreadsheet are visible, what data can be changed, and which users within your organization can view or use the app.

Unlike other approaches that require translating Excel spreadsheets into another format, EASA runs the original spreadsheet on a secure sever. This means any VBA or macros will continue to work. It also means you don’t have to scrap your valuable spreadsheets to replace them with expensive new custom coded solutions.

For further information please see How it Works.

Do you use spreadsheets that contain critical IP for such applications as CPQ (configure, price, quote), costing, proposal generation or engineering calculations? See how EASA will remove the possibility of exposing your company’s proprietary information while eliminating the common chaos typically associated with spreadsheet use!


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