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Simulation Model Deployment with EASA

Simulation Model Deployment With EASA = Greater Accessibility

Eliminate Usage Failures Due to Excel Incompatibility

When spreadsheets are deployed to many users within the enterprise, it is unfortunately quite common that the spreadsheet will fail to work properly for some of the end users. This often due to differences in MS Excel versions, mismatches of settings, missing add-ins and other incompatibility. This is particularly a problem when non-Windows operating systems are involved, or in cases where Excel is simply not installed on the local client device.

With EASA, this potential source of non-operability is completely eliminated. As Excel is now residing on a central, secure and fully tested server, the users are no longer dependent on their locally installed Excel software. In fact, Excel is not needed locally at all, with the obvious implication that you can now use the app on any mobile device or operating system, provided of course that the user is authorized by the EASA administrative functions and the mobile device is connected to your corporate network or cloud.

EASA enables our customers to reliably and consistently deploy spreadsheets used for critical tasks such as proposal generation, scenario modeling, CPQ (configure, price, quote) and engineering calculations – contact us today and learn how EASA can transform your Excel deployment into a painless and chaos free activity!


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