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Management and control of Excel SpreadsheetsPerhaps

How EASA Eliminates Spreadsheet Version Control Confusion

The number one complaint we hear about spreadsheets relates to the chaos created by the lack of version control. Is this really “the” spreadsheet? Are you sure someone has not changed a formula (intentionally or not)? The resulting inefficiency – not to mention the potential cost of an insidious propagated error – can cost organizations dearly.

EASA completely eliminates this problem.  By design, the end user has access to only those spreadsheet-based apps they have been authorized to see, and these apps can be further limited to expose only information (or cells) as desirable. Furthermore, users can update only specific data entry fields with no possibility of exposing or overwriting formulas. Perhaps more importantly, the user never “touches” the actual spreadsheet – no emailing, copying, editing or downloading. EASA separates the user input/output activity (via the EASA web app you custom create), and the web app takes over communicating with the native spreadsheet. Strict version control and absolute integrity of the spreadsheet is guaranteed, along with many other benefits resulting from the simple, but elegant and unique approach used by EASA.

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