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Integrating Databases with Spreadsheets (and Automating I/O)

The application building tools available in EASA allow authors to easily use SQL to read and write data to and from relational databases external to EASA.  This means that data entered by a user into an app, along with output or calculated data, can optionally be saved to a database for further reporting or analytics.

For example, suppose a “raw” spreadsheet is being used by many end users to generate pricing proposals. Collecting the data – for example the sum of all proposals generated for a given product line in a given time period – is not trivial, because it exists in many spreadsheets on the hard disks of many users.

With a spreadsheet-based web app created with EASA and connected to a database, all your data is available for reporting at the touch of a button. Additionally, if other programs are involved in an overall process, these can be integrated as well. Databases are often required for the generation of CPQ (configure, price, quote), costing, proposal generation and scientific calculations – contact us today to learn how you can benefit by the integration and automation possible with EASA!



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