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Automating Audit Trail and Controlling Access Control for Spreadsheets

A major limitation of spreadsheets is no “out of the box” system to control access (easily copied, emailed, downloaded, etc.), and no record of updates, usage, users and so forth. In addition to all of the other useful benefits of EASA , it provides’s extremely easy-to-implement audit trail and access control capabilities.


EASA will maintain a record of all versions of the spreadsheet that were released to your intranet or cloud (when and by whom), as well as individual use cases by application and user. Previously completed use cases can be reopened as a starting point for new cases if desired, and are tracked accordingly. But since the actual spreadsheet is not being manipulated by the users, the integrity of the document is retained. Access to this versions and their results are also completely controlled as described in the next point. As an additional benefit, all results are automatically saved in a relational database, enabling for greater ability for searches, analytics and reporting – without any need to aggregate spreadsheets.


EASA includes a built-in security layer in which a user must authenticate themselves before being given access to the site. User account management is an integral part of EASA and is available as standard. In addition, EASA can be configured to integrate with existing authentication and single sign-on (SSO) solutions already in place within your organization, such as Active Directory (AD), LDAP, SAML, Siteminder, etc.

Access Control:

EASA’s user account management enables the administrator to tightly control what results can be shared and which apps can be seen and used by specific sets of individuals. This is accomplished by group functions and dedicated app libraries with granularity down to the individual level if required.

For further information please see How it Works.

Audit information is often critical for applications such as CPQ (configure, price, quote), costing and engineering calculations – find out how EASA easily automates the required “paper trail”!

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