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How is EASA Software Unique?

EASA is the only low-code platform that is specifically designed (and patented) to make use of existing software tools and applications as “logic-engines”. This means that if there is already a model or application developed with Excel, MATLAB, Python, R, or other software, the majority of your app creation is already done, greatly increasing the speed and ease of creating an app for the particular functionality required. None of the previous effort and intellectual property it contains is wasted. In addition, EASA uniquely focuses on web-enabling these existing tools and models, with an emphasis on creating intelligent and fit-for-purpose user interfaces.

This unique approach is particularly useful for web-enabling Excel.  Unlike other approaches that cannot handle VBA, macros or even certain formulas, EASA uses the native Excel file enabling all of these to operate exactly as they always have. Furthermore, this functionality is available on any device connected to your corporate intranet (such as iPads and mobile phones) and with no need to have Excel locally installed. EASA is the world leader for Excel to web applications!

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