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How is EASA Software Unique?

EASA Works with Virtually All Software and Can Drive Complete Workflows

With EASA, you can create web apps that drive spreadsheets, CAE tools, databases (including ERP, PLM and CRM systems), scripts, in-house, legacy software and more. Complex workflows consisting of conditional operations and an ensemble of software can be driven by one elegant, enterprise wide web app.

Only Low-Code Platform Focused on Your Existing Applications and Workflows

EASA is the only low-code platform that is specifically designed (and patented) to make use of existing software tools and applications as “logic-engines”. This means that if there is already a model or application developed with Excel, MATLAB, Python, R, or other software, the majority of your app creation is already done, greatly increasing the speed and ease of creating an app for the particular functionality required. None of the previous effort and intellectual property it contains is wasted, and what you end up with is a beautiful custom web app that drives these existing models.

Only Spreadsheet Web-enabling Tool that Works with Your VBA and Macros

Web access to your spreadsheets is easy, but if your Excel spreadsheet contains VBA or macros, or even complex formulae other technologies stumble. There is NO conversion, compiling or replacing of your native spreadsheet – EASA continues to use it in exactly the same form it has always been used. Not only does this allow VBA and macros, it assures that your business and mathematical logic retains its integrity and does not need to be recertified!

Multiple Users can Access the Same Spreadsheet at the Same Time

Unlike other approaches that require “checking out” and locking out other users, EASA provides true multi-user accessibility, with no danger of overwriting other users. In addition, complete privacy and security of each user is assured with no possibility of intentionally or inadvertently having your private work exposed.

Excel Web Apps Don’t Have to Look Like a Spreadsheet

EASA allows you to use your spreadsheet format if so desired, or when greater ease-of-use is required or a more elegant interface is desired, for example when you create a web portal for customers or suppliers, you can create a completely custom user interface that gives no hint of the spreadsheet underpinnings.

Data from Multiple Spreadsheets is Automatically Aggregated into a Relational Database

Reporting and analytics is fast and easy, and the wasted time involved in the error prone effort to consolidate multiple spreadsheets is completely eliminated.

For more details on EASA technology see How it Works.