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Safely Use Excel for CPQ Software Solutions

Many businesses start with or continue to use Excel spreadsheets for their highly tailored configuration, pricing and quoting calculations. While Excel does provide power, agility and familiarity, sharing spreadsheets with critical formulas creates many problems that can lead to chaos, including version confusion and potential IP exposure. EASA software offers a unique alternative to tossing out your spreadsheets and starting all over with a commercial or written-from-scratch CPQ solution.

Read on to see how EASA could transform your CPQ process.

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 The unique EASA approach – keep using spreadsheets!

Low code environment

Using our simple tools, anyone can create a custom, easy-to-use web app, without any programming experience.

Utilize existing calculations

These apps “drive” the spreadsheets you already use, meaning you do not have to recreate and revalidate your complex calculations.

Spreadsheets are secured

Your underlying spreadsheets are no longer shared – no exposed IP, inadvertent overwrites and errors, or version confusion. Spreadsheet chaos is eliminated!

Integration capability

EASA also enables you to integrate spreadsheets with databases, ERP and CRM systems, allowing error-free and convenient access to key pricing and customer information.

Your CPQ application can now be used by customers, resellers and other non-internal staff 

Enabling “self-service” pricing and quoting is often desirable, but nearly impossible if you must share spreadsheets. With EASA, only the web app is shared, while the underlying Excel spreadsheet remains completely secure and untouched. Furthermore, you can tailor the web app to appear as a beautiful, unique user interface, completely hiding the spreadsheet roots if you so desire.

No matter how little coding or development experience you have, you can create a web app with EASA. Our low-code environment allows people who need the solution to create it themselves. No more relaying your thoughts to a busy development team. Simply transfer your CPQ process to an EASA web app yourself with our simple, intuitive tools.

Use your CPQ software anywhere – all you need is a browser!

An EASA web app requires no software to be downloaded and installed. All you need is your usual web browser. This allows unrivalled flexibility when it comes to CPQ.

    • You can utilize your CPQ solution from anywhere and on any device that has a browser and internet connectivity.
    • Field sales staff can generate quotes with only a tablet or even a mobile phone
    • It does not matter if your solution involves your corporate database, ERP or CRM systems, these are still being run in the background – automatically.

Does my business need EASA for CPQ?

If you’re wondering whether EASA would help your CPQ process, just ask yourself the following three questions.
If you answer “yes” to all three, then schedule a live demonstration today!


Is there a significant historical investment into your spreadsheets you currently use for CPQ?


Are the logic and calculations complex and would they require a major effort to reprogram and revalidate into a dedicated CPQ solution?


Do you love Excel because of its familiarity, power and ability to be updated at the speed of business?

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