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Motor Piston Design Optimization with EASA Software: Video

by admin in All Blog Posts, Democratization

Increasingly, we have seen enterprises realize productivity and efficiency improvements by applying EASA to processes which, by nature, are engineering-intensive. A good example of this comes from Front End Analytics (http://www.feasol.com/), an EASA partner. They have developed a web-enabled EASA-based application which enables rapid product configuration by streamlining the analysis process. Using EASA to power the application, they were able to link Mathcad® and Excel® and create a graphical report of stresses vs. cylinder housing thickness – all without writing any code.

Key features of this application include:

  • The seamless integration of multiple design and analysis tools
  • The safe deployment of web apps to end users who do not have expert knowledge of the underlying tools
  • The capture and management of the company’s design practices


Watch the video here:

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