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Custom web application development for your business

If your business relies on spreadsheets for critical business processes, then finding a way to make them easily accessible to your entire team is essential. In addition, making such processes secure and well-managed can mitigate typical issues related to Excel. EASA’s application development service builds custom web applications that deliver spreadsheets to users in the form of secure web apps, offering a turn-key solution which can be deployed instantly, company-wide.

EASA’s software is a low-code development platform that does not require software developers or IT resources to use. Instead, anyone that has created a spreadsheet can also use EASA to create a corresponding web app.

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With no programming, applications are created for a fraction of the time and cost it would normally take to hand-code a traditional solution from scratch. However, there are still occasions where a company’s time and staff are constrained, especially when a web app must include advanced functionality such as saving to a database to track and record cases, integration with other software, data downloads and uploads, integrating BI dashboards and the inclusion or workflow management such as approvals and signatures.

EASA has worked with thousands of different Excel-based applications, and our expertise means your applications can be built in the fastest and most efficient manner possible, relieving pressure on staff who may be unable to allocate the time. If getting your application live at the earliest possible time is critical, then our custom application development is the best way to

Our expertise includes:

Engineering & pharmaceutical simulation & design

Easily deploy complex simulation models within the engineering or pharmaceutical sectors through our app development software, making it easier to streamline your processes.

 Integration of custom pricing tools with Salesforce.com

With EASA’s custom application development, your business can design flexible software which can be fully integrated with all major CRM and SaaS programs.

 Actuarial risk and scenario modeling

Turn your spreadsheets into a custom app which uses your data and calculations without exposing it to unauthorized users.

Easy Excel integration with advanced applications

With our custom software, you can integrate spreadsheets with business intelligence tools for workflow management, database implementation, dashboard creation and more.

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

Translate crucial business logic into easy-to-use custom software. EASA lets you share CPQ forms with clients and staff alike without exposing your IP.

 Engineered-to-order and configuration-to-order tools

Create an application to automate and simplify your ETO and CTO tools, without changing any of your workflows or processes.

Proposal generation & proposal management

Eradicate errors and manage your processes by using EASA’s custom application development services to create programs providing and managing automated proposals.

Financial & cost modeling

Our app development software allows businesses to retain the functionality of their spreadsheets, without losing or overwriting critical information.

Flexible custom application development to suit the needs of any business

Whatever application development requirements your business has, EASA’s developers can help integrate our software to fit them. Contact us for more information.

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