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Seamlessly integrate CRM software with Excel for enhanced capabilities

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software allows you to streamline communication between your business and clients by integrating revenue tracking, sales, and contact information within one system. Frequently, Excel is a vital part of many CRM-related processes, but its use can introduce typical spreadsheet problems and limitations (“chaos”), particularly if these spreadsheets are shared.

EASA allows you to turn your spreadsheets into customizable, web-enabled apps, which can be easily integrated with your chosen CRM software. This eliminates any concern over whether formulas, macros, and VBA will remain compatible, or of any data getting lost or altered through the risk of human error.

Integrate Salesforce and Excel with EASA

EASA provides businesses with straightforward Excel-to-web app and Excel-to-webservice methods, through customized apps. This allows users to access important spreadsheets through a browser-based user interface or portal, or directly from your CRM of choice. By using EASA to deploy spreadsheets as web apps or webservices, you can easily integrate Excel with CRM software such as Salesforce, without users requiring Excel to be installed locally.

With Salesforce integration, you won’t have to worry about re-entering customer data to generate quotes, proposals, reports, or deal analyses – giving your users a more seamless experience and ensuring accurate information. Salesforce works with your existing spreadsheets to improve and automate your sales processes and lets you create informed marketing campaigns that deliver ROI.

Does my business need EASA for CRM integration? 

Any business that requires storing and working with customer data such as leads, contacts, and marketing activity can benefit from integrating CRM software. A seamless transition ensures you don’t need to replace your spreadsheets with new, complex software, and can instead streamline your business processes through one single web application.

  Benefit from advanced reporting features 

EASA lets you analyze insightful information without having to switch between two applications. Instead, you can create a custom app which drives your familiar spreadsheet software, and give only approved users access to the tools and data they need. Using CRM software alongside your EASA web apps allows for better data integration, keeping all data in one program, and ensuring accuracy and speed even when Excel is a necessary part of your business process.

  Prevent costly errors

Many organizations use multiple systems and spreadsheets to generate figures, increasing the risk of mistakes by human error. By integrating your CRM with your EASA application, you only need to input the new figures once to let the system work out the data using the existing formulas within your master spreadsheet. Manual data entry often leads to mistakes, which take time and money to rectify once they’re found.

EASA offers a single, automated process to run custom applications that already stores and runs the original software tools required to generate figures. Integrating CRM software ensures that all data is kept up to date, providing accurate figures without needing to switch between applications. By only having to input data once, your staff can continue with their more important day to day matters.

  Improve workflow and processes

Integrating CRM software with a web app works to automate workflows and improve day-to-day processes without needing to use complex code to create a new system. Workflows can be easily created and managed in your custom EASA web-based app, which can be designed to your team’s specification with no development knowledge necessary. This can then be shared with any employees who need it, letting you share data seamlessly between your CRM and spreadsheets, meaning there is no chance of lost or outdated information.

Manual data entering between several systems can lead to errors being made, even when copying and pasting data over, as well as a significant risk of IP being given away. Most systems require the same data to be inputted. By integrating your CRM software with EASA, you can automate data manipulation and only enter the data once to get all the figures you need.

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