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ASSESS Initiative Announces EASA Software as a Gold Sponsor of the ASSESS 2019 Congress and the ASSESS Initiative

by Mike Nieburg in Automotive, CAD/CAE, Conferences and Events, Democratization, News & Articles, Simulation

ASSESS: Analysis, Simulation, and Systems Engineering Software Strategies to enable a significant increase in usage and benefit of these technologies Read More:

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GE Presents EASA White Paper at NAFEMS 2019 – Automating Wind Farm Siting

by Mike Nieburg in Case Studies, Conferences and Events, Democratization, News & Articles

The siting analysis of a new wind farm involves multiple steps to determine the feasibility of installing one or multiple models of wind turbines in specific locations. Previously, these evaluation processes for site-specific mechanical loads analysis (MLA) were done by geographically distributed wind farm engineering experts on their own computers with isolated software applications with […]

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Barnett Waddingham to Host EASA Eagle Challenge

by admin in All Blog Posts, Conferences and Events, Finance and Insurance

Barnett Waddingham (www.barnett-waddingham.co.uk) announced their EASA Eagle Challenge Invitational, November 5, 2015. The event will take over the centre of Leadenhall Market in London for a day of simulated golf. The Barnett Waddingham EASA Eagle Challenge will be hosted from 11am to 4pm. Barnett Waddingham is UK’s largest independent provider of actuarial, administration and consultancy services. The […]

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Presentations at NAFEMS World Congress suggest EASA is becoming an industry standard for the “appification of simulation”

by Sebastian Dewhurst in All Blog Posts, CAD/CAE, Conferences and Events

EASA is becoming an industry standard for the “appification of simulation” No fewer than four presentations at NAFEMS World Congress 2015 indicate that the “appification of simulation” is poised to revolutionize the way companies use CAE tools. Further, it seems that EASA is becoming an industry standard for this approach. The “appification” of simulation is […]

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