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GE Presents EASA White Paper at NAFEMS 2019 – Automating Wind Farm Siting

by Mike Nieburg in Case Studies, Conferences and Events, Democratization, News & Articles

The siting analysis of a new wind farm involves multiple steps to determine the feasibility of installing one or multiple models of wind turbines in specific locations. Previously, these evaluation processes for site-specific mechanical loads analysis (MLA) were done by geographically distributed wind farm engineering experts on their own computers with isolated software applications with […]

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Five Ways to Increase the ROI of your Modeling & Simulation Software Assets

by Mike Nieburg in All Blog Posts, Appification, CAD/CAE, Case Studies, Simulation

Five Ways to Increase the ROI of your Modeling & Simulation Software Assets For the past 15 years we at EASA have worked closely with our customers to help them increase productivity and usage of modeling and simulation software, and we have uncovered five areas that can provide a surprising boost to your ROI and […]

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Pfizer Finds Solution in Corporate-Wide Deployment of Modeling Technology With EASA

by admin in All Blog Posts, Case Studies, Excel Spreadsheets

In the incredibly competitive pharmaceutical industry, innovation is everything. And when it comes to process design innovation, modeling is critically important to innovation. Modeling technology allows for process designs to be conceptualized, developed and refined, tested and verified. A good model can be applied to different problems and challenges. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer leveraged modeling techniques […]

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