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From simulation powered design to predictive digital twins

by Mike Nieburg in All Blog Posts, CAD/CAE, Democratization, News & Articles

Predictive Analytics 3.0. It’s a fascinating proposition – and involves “informing” a machine learning (ML) model, dramatically reducing the amount of data required to train the ML algorithm. Let’s imagine for a moment that you are involved in a project which requires training a Machine Learning algorithm to control an industrial robot arm to catch […]

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Predictive Analytics using EASA Presented at NAFEMS World Conference, 2019

by Mike Nieburg in CAD/CAE, Democratization, News & Articles

“BECOMING A PREDICTIVE DIGITALLY ENABLED COMPANY”, presented by Front End Analytics, reveals how FEA’s Predictive Analytics 3.0, deployed using EASA, is enabling the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and digital twins for next generation simulation and modeling. Read More

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CAE on the Cloud: Challenges and Solutions to Accessibility in Computer Aided Engineering and the Birth of EASA

by Sebastian Dewhurst in All Blog Posts, CAD/CAE

One of the biggest challenges engineering-intense industries face can be in the deployment of complex engineering simulation models to end users who don’t have the same level of technical expertise. In his article CAE on the Cloud, General Manager of Nanosoft America Evan Yares asserts that “the biggest problem with computer aided engineering (CAE) is […]

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