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Management and control of Excel Spreadsheets

Case Studies: Secure Deployment of Excel Spreadsheets as Web Apps

The use of spreadsheets can often lead to version control chaos, unrecognized changes or overwrites, and uncontrolled distribution. Read case studies to see how enterprises continue to use their spreadsheets without these common and often serious problems by utilizing EASA and building web applications that are:

  • Easily used by others who do not have to be experienced with the underlying software, process or workflow

  • Maintained with complete integrity, version control and security of the underlying intellectual property (calculations, functions, VBA, etc.)

  • Access controlled to specific entities with automatically documented audit trail

  • 100% reliable in operation across the network, regardless of local infrastructure

  • Accessible via mobile devices that have access to your corporate intranet

  • Created without any programming, eliminating reliance on software developers

Unlike other approaches, your spreadsheets are not replaced or translated, enabling all existing VBA, macros and formulae to work with perfect reliability.

Zurich Case Study


Zurich Financial needed Excel for its flexibility and quick updating unavailable in configuration, pricing and quoting (CPQ) systems, but also had to have strict version control, IP protection and an approval based process. Using EASA, they were able to do so without the high cost and long development of programming custom solutions. View Case Study!
Leaseplan Case Study


LeasePlan relied extensively on Excel for configuration and pricing, but struggled with regulatory requirements. EASA uniquely enabled them to keep their spreadsheets while addressing strict governance, risk and compliance issues providing them enterprise applications with authentication, version control, and full auditability, and automated links to read/write to databasesView Case Study!
P&G Cast Study


Proctor & Gamble democratizes simulation-based-design to a much broader user community, creating easy to use but intelligent apps to drive complex multi-step, multi-software workflows. View Case Study.
Amlin Case Study


Amlin relies upon spreadsheets to underpin many critical processes. Using EASA, they were able to reduce the risks associated with using Excel™ as a data entry and reporting tool. View Case Study.


Hyde Marine greatly enhanced what used to be an expert-only Excel based process, enabling maintenance crews at sea to generate their own reports on-demand. Compared to simply sharing spreadsheets, deployment of the tool as a browser based web app dramatically elevates their customers’ perception of the product offering. View case study
Democratization of Simulation
Transforming Excel Spreadsheets into Enterprise Applications