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Democratization of modeling and simulation

Case Studies: Democratization of Complex or Proprietary Processes

Enabling simulation to be safely conducted by those less familiar than the typical subject matter experts can greatly increased the impact and ROI of various software tools. Explore case studies where EASA has been used with a wide range of simulation tools, such as:

  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Mathcad, MATLAB and other mathematical modeling tools
  • ANSYS, Nastran, and other CAE Modeling tools
  • In-House and legacy software

EASA enables you to “appify”(What is Appification?) your simulation models and workflows to easily-deployed, web-based applications that embed design rules, constraint checks and error trapping which can then be deployed to any controlled group of users. Users could be existing users needing to streamline their current workflows, occasional-use staff who don’t have the time to refamiliarize themselves, or even those new to modeling.

P&G Cast Study
Proctor & Gamble democratizes simulation to a much broader user community, creating easy to use but intelligent apps to drive complex multi-step, multi-software workflows. View Case Study.
Pfizer Case Study
Pfizer removes the limitation of modeling and simulation technology being only usable by subject matter experts by creating intuitive to use EASA apps embedded with safety checks that drive multi-step, multi-software complex workflows. View Case Study.
bayer logo
Bayer extends the life of legacy applications, replacing ancient text based interfaces with modernized GUI driven EASA apps. View Case Study.
Air International
Air International reduces design lifecycles while putting simulation technology into more hands by creating custom, task-specific applications simplifying the use of many of its powerful computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools. View Case Study.
Democratization of Simulation
Transforming Excel Spreadsheets into Enterprise Applications