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New Simulation Community-Driven Portal Provides a One-Stop Resource to Support Movement to Democratize Simulation

by Mike Nieburg in CAD/CAE, Democratization, Simulation

One-Stop Resource to Support Movement to Democratize Simulation Today, the new web portal Revolution-In-Simulation.Org (Rev-Sim.org) was launched to support a growing industry-wide movement to make engineering simulation more accessible, efficient, and reliable; not just for CAE experts but also for non-specialists – the “Democratization of Simulation” to accelerate innovation. EASA, being a pioneer and leader […]

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Understanding Low Code Development Platforms, and How They are Becoming Critical for Businesses

by Mike Nieburg in CAD/CAE, Excel Spreadsheets, Low-Code Development Platform, Simulation

Understanding Low Code Development Platforms Spreadsheets are the original low-code development platform (See Wikipedia for Low-Code information). With spreadsheets, people who are typically directly involved in a work process can create applications that they need, quickly and normally without IT involvement. These people are not dedicated programmers, nor are they members of their company’s IT department, hence […]

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Spreadsheets: How Much of a Problem Are They?

by EASA Software in CAD/CAE, Democratization, Excel Spreadsheets, Simulation

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 Spreadsheets: How Much of a Problem Are They? Written by  Keith Meintjes It is often said that MS Excel is by far the most widely used engineering tool on the planet, and I suspect that is true. But, there are many concerns over proper management and governance of spreadsheets. In CIMdata’s engagements […]

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The Three Most Common Excel Headaches, and an Aspirin-free Approach to Eliminating Them

by Mike Nieburg in All Blog Posts, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), Democratization, Excel Spreadsheets, Finance and Insurance

The Three Most Common Excel Problems EASA Solves Excel is universally loved for its flexibility, power and agility, but probably nearly as universally loathed for three problems it can create when users attempt to share critical spreadsheets, namely: 1. Lack of version control: Most of us have personally experienced the scenario of losing track of […]

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How Companies Can Deal with Sharing Excel Spreadsheets with Many Users

by Mike Nieburg in All Blog Posts, Excel Spreadsheets, Low-Code Development Platform

How Companies Can Deal with Sharing Excel Spreadsheets with Many Users Due to its familiarity, accessibility and versatility for data capture and calculation centric applications, Excel is a ubiquitous tool, in use at businesses in virtually every industry. From start-ups to global multi-national corporations, Excel is used for business processes such as modeling, analytics, data […]

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Low Code Platform Development with EASA

by Mike Nieburg in All Blog Posts, Low-Code Development Platform

Low Code Platform Development with EASA Businesses need to leverage their resources in order to maximize efficiency, output, and value. This has driven the need for applications tailored to specific needs and work-flows. In the past, the only way to create and deploy custom tools solutions was to dedicate a vast amount of resources – […]

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Don’t Invest in That Expensive CPQ Solution Just Yet

by Mike Nieburg in All Blog Posts, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

If your company sells products or services that are highly configurable, and your processes are not “cookie cutter,” then Excel is probably being used somewhere in your quote generation procedure. You are likely struggling with the ensuing chaos—version control challenges, proprietary information exposure, lack of an audit trail, and so forth. It is critical to […]

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EASA Software Featured in Bloor Research InDetail Paper By Philip Howard

by Sebastian Dewhurst in Uncategorized

Bloor Research, independent IT research, analysis and consultancy firm based in Europe (bloorresearch.com) published an InDetail paper on rapid codeless application development and deployment software EASA (easasoftware.com). The InDetail paper, authored by Philip Howard of Bloor Research, provides an executive summary of EASA’s capabilities, as well as an in-depth analysis of EASA’s capabilities and applications. […]

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The dilemma: Replace Excel with dedicated software for configuration, pricing & quoting (CPQ)? Maybe not…

by Mike Nieburg in Appification, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), Excel Spreadsheets, Finance and Insurance, Low-Code Development Platform

Replace Excel with dedicated software? There are situations when Excel is an ideal solution for CPQ, for example when your configuration mix is small and uncomplicated, with few people generating proposals and tight budgets for software investments. But as you scale up to a larger group of users, with increasing proprietary information, need for approvals […]

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Romax Technology and EASA® Announce Distribution Agreement

by EASA Software in All Blog Posts, Automotive, CAD/CAE

SEPTEMBER 1, 2016; OXFORD, ENGLAND, UK, & NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND, UK EASA Software Ltd., a leading provider of model deployment technology, today announced a new distribution agreement with Romax Technology, a UK-based global leader in analytical solutions for transmission, axle and driveline systems. This partnership embeds EASA’s “appification” technology in Romax’s product range, enabling Romax to […]

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