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Benefits of EASA

EASA empowers citizen developers, as well as IT and software developers to create enterprise-grade web apps to drive existing Excel spreadsheets, MATLAB, scripts, R code and other software.

EASA provides numerous benefits

For the app builder:

  • Zero or minimal coding (“low-code” development environment) to web-enable your existing models and tools
  • Use existing models – as is. Your native software continues to be used, so your historical investment plus any validation/certification remains. For Excel this means your VBA and macros also work, unlike other Excel to web technologies
  • Couple multiple programs, which may include spreadsheets, databases, CRM systems such as Salesforce, ERP and PLM systems, into a single app, greatly simplifying and automating work processes
  • Easily installed on-premise or on an external cloud
  • Easy method for converting internal applications into polished outward facing portals for 3rd parties such as suppliers, resellers, partners, customers, etc.

For the administrator of the app:

  • Absolute version control
  • Intellectual property protection – cannot be reverse engineered, logic and formulas cannot be exposed
  • Ensures that only the most up-to-date data and files are consistently used
  • Access management – control who can see, use, and update apps
  • Auditability and compliance – “paper trail” with timestamps, users, applications, etc.
  • Significant cost savings by utilizing existing models and tools rather then rewriting and hand-coding completely new applications
  • Reliability – run anywhere via browser, regardless of local infrastructure, e.g. mobile devices, different local Excel versions, OS, etc.
  • Transform dated legacy software into modern web applications

For the user:

  • Fit-for-purpose user interface results in a far superior user experience
  • Massive improvement in ease of use for complex software
  • Complete security
  • Major savings of time through automation and reduction of manual effort
  • Accessibility from any device or location
  • No local software required, only a browser!

Our customers use EASA for a wide range of applications in nearly every industry, covering configuration, pricing, quoting, proposal generation, scenario modeling, engineering simulation, and much more (see Case Studies).

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