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Convert Excel spreadsheets into polished web apps

Excel is one of the most widely used software tools within businesses, however, its limitations and vulnerabilities can often lead to companies to consider replacing their spreadsheets for critical applications. EASA enables businesses to embrace rather than replace their spreadsheets through the creation of a web app. Continue to use Excel exactly as you currently do including any VBA or macros. Benefit from the same ease and flexibility of your spreadsheets while eliminating exposed IP, version confusion and undesirable alterations.

Excel Solutions

Low Code Platform

EASA’s codeless environment means that you do not need to outsource your web app creation to software developers or your IT staff. It has been designed to be used by the same people who create spreadsheets and involves no software development skills.

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Integration and workflow management

EASA also enables you to add additional functionality to your spreadsheet without altering the actual spreadsheet. Integrate your spreadsheet with other software and databases such as CRM systems, make web calls and build in workflow management such as approval or signature requirements. Performing these tasks in Excel is generally difficult or impossible, but with EASA Software they can be straight forward.

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Democratize complex workflows

Complex software and software workflows are often underutilized due to the high level of expertise and familiarity that is required to use them. Democratizing streamlines and simplifies the process resulting in tools that can be safely used by a much broader set of users. Transform workflows that involve one or more “expert only” software tools or models with EASA by enabling citizen developers to create secure and simplified web apps without typing a single line of code.

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CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) Automation with Excel and Database Integration

Zurich uses EASA to deploy critical rating and pricing spreadsheets as web applications. The spreadsheets themselves are safely located on secure servers on-premises rather than end-users’ machines, thus protecting critical intellectual property, and ensuring version control.

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