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Management and control of Excel Spreadsheets

“No matter the popularity of spreadsheets, when used improperly or incorrectly, or without sufficient control, spreadsheets pose a greater threat to your business than almost anything you can imagine.” — Philip Howard, Bloor Research

Many businesses rely heavily on Microsoft Excel for a very broad range of applications, such as actuarial, CPQ, engineering/scientific and pharmaceutical. Excel is fast, inexpensive, and it is relatively easy to build business logic into Excel-based tools.

However, Excel is designed as a desktop solution rather than an enterprise tool, and when complex spreadsheets, often with VBA and macros, are made accessible to multiple users within an organization, then spreadsheet chaos can result.

How can you keep your spreadsheets and the wonderful flexibility and familiarity that comes with them, but not suffer from the common pitfalls associated with issues like version control, intellectual property, input errors, formula overwrites, etc.?

EASA is used by companies to eliminate these limitations and bottlenecks, while adding reliability, accessibility, and usability. Major companies are using EASA for far ranging critical applications such as:

  • CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)
  • scenario modeling
  • reporting
  • data processing
  • analytics
  • proposal generation
  • scientific and engineering modeling

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Transforming Excel Spreadsheets into Enterprise Applications

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