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EASA utilizes a unique (and patented) approach that does not rely on any conversion or translating of the spreadsheet – you will continue to use the native file meaning all of your VBA, macros and add-ins work perfectly. However, the spreadsheets are no longer available to copy or download by the users, as only the designated authors will have this ability. This ensures:

  • Complete lock down of intellectual property and version control
  • Full usage history for auditability
  • Total reliability to run anywhere your network is accessible, without requiring Excel to be locally installed
  • Integrated into your SSO system for convenient and fully controlled access
  • Different users can only see or use those parts of the spreadsheet you want them to
  • A fully regimented process can be implemented, enabling for example approvals and sequential steps
  • A process workflow that can automatically involve any other software such as reading/writing to databases, ERP and CRM systems

In short, Excel is transformed into a true collaborative and enterprise tool enabling compliance and regulatory requirements be met and a major reduction of errors and inefficiencies typically associated with spreadsheet chaos.


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