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EASA has been developed to address a general need – the ability to rapidly and easily customize the way users interact with software and models to make your processes and workflows more efficient, reliable, secure and practical for frequent and infrequent users.  Customer use cases reflect the wide range of applications in nearly every industry, covering configuration, pricing, quoting, proposal generation, scenario modeling, engineering simulation, and much more (see Case Studies).

The solution consists of two parts: custom user interface building (“authoring”), and connecting to underlying software or models. Neither requires any programming or software development, and immediately enables enterprise access, including mobile devices, to your apps and models.

This app building, or “appification” as it is sometimes referred to, enables our customers to extract a far greater ROI on their software assets in a variety of ways, and we have divided these into four major segments, or “pillars” – though many applications cross over multiple pillars. Explore these segments and learn how EASA may dramatically help you and your organization!

Democratization of Complex or Proprietary Processes

Many workflows, such as configuration, pricing and proposal generation, are “expert only”. Enable secure enterprise access with streamlined and simplified web apps.

Secure Deployment of Excel Spreadsheets as Web Apps

Replacing Excel is not always feasible. Eliminate the hazards and chaos that typically accompany spreadsheet usage and deployment.

Creation of Fit-For-Purpose Apps for Desktop and Mobile Devices

Complex workflows can waste valuable time. Create simplified but intelligent fit‐for‐purpose applications that capture expert knowledge, secure proprietary information, and enable broader usage.

Automation & Integration of Business & Software Processes

Multi-user multi-step multi-application processes can be unwieldy and error prone. Reduce manual effort, errors and time, and create a repeatable workflow – at the speed of your business.

Democratization of Simulation
Transforming Excel Spreadsheets into Enterprise Applications
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