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price-model-940x295EASA makes it easy to deploy and integrate Excel®, exposing spreadsheets either as web applications or as web services. But even if you are not planning to use EASA, you can take advantage of our Excel integration services.

Help with Excel and Visual Basic®
Our highly skilled consultants are experts in Excel and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). We can code array formulae, nested Excel functions, tax-rate-and-band calculations, VBA macros, and other advanced capabilities, thus reducing time for Excel® deployment and saving you money.

Demystifying Legacy Spreadsheets
Using specialized programs for making formulae easy to read, our Excel integration consultants can help you understand legacy spreadsheets whose authors are no longer available. We replace A1-style cell addresses with meaningful names, group cells into logically related blocks, and summarize runs of related formulae into a single equation. Legacy spreadsheets become shorter and much simpler to read.

Auditing Spreadsheets
Spreadsheets that miscalculate figures such as projected product performance, or financial data such as profits and tax liabilities not only harm your business but incur the risk of legal action. Using spreadsheet-auditing tools, EASA’s Excel consultants can check your spreadsheets for potentially costly errors.

Increasing Efficiency using Spreadsheet Modules
Many spreadsheet programmers find themselves repeatedly writing the same calculations in different spreadsheets. Using specially developed technology for modularizing spreadsheets, our Excel consultants can set up a library of modules that hold the calculations you need in your own spreadsheets. You will be able to copy these into any spreadsheet whenever you need, thus saving time and money. We will test and document the modules, making them easier to reuse and reducing the risk of errors. The technology generates these modules from concise, easy-to-document specifications, written using meaningful names rather than A1-style cell addresses. We also offer training so that you can extend this approach and write your own modules.

For additional information on Excel deployment, integration, or Excel-related web services or to discuss an Excel project, please contact us.

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