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Deploying Excel to Web Applications for Your Business Needs

by EASA Software in All Blog Posts, Excel Spreadsheets

Organizations across multiple industries, of varied sizes and of entirely different customer focuses all have one thing in common: A love-hate relationship with excel spreadsheets. Excel is one of the most useful and multipurpose mediums an organization can utilize to share information, collaborate with multiple teams and organize project management. Unfortunately in the past there have been many concerns with both the difficulty and accuracy of transferring excel to web application. Luckily with the development of EASA’s excel integration software, this roadblock is a thing of the past.

Some of the benefits of using EASA;s excel to web application software include:

1)  Security: There is no quicker route to a project disaster than to have an unauthorized party accidentally or purposely edit a working spreadsheet after converting excel to web application. Our software allows you to protect your spreadsheet by not only making it secure and non-editable, but also programming all changes to be trackable. This is a double security that is needed to ensure the best possible excel to web application for your company.

2)  Updates in real time: Why double your workload by having to manually update your web application every time a spreadsheet is updated. We make it easy for you by enabling your web application to automatically update to match the most current excel spreadsheet. You can have confidence that the spreadsheet you are publicly sharing on the web (and with clients, peers, and colleagues) is the most up to date and accurate.

3)  Controllability: Our excel to web software allows you to provide different levels of access to the people who can view and edit the spreadsheet and it’s fields. If the entire spreadsheet does not need to be shared with all parties, it doesn’t need to be. This allows you to share only what is needed with selected parties, thus making presentation and project management easier and more focused for all involved

4)  Customizable:  Being able to customize your excel to web application to best fit your individual goals and needs isn’t an option.  We allow for several levels of customizable options.

5)  Integration: Because of the interconnectedness of the online world, a spreadsheet to web application should be able to quickly and easily integrate into other web-based applications. We pride ourselves in our software’s ability to seamlessly link to other needed enterprise software.

Our excel to web application software allows you to better let excel to web work for you. We eliminate the worry and security concerns of previous excel to web work and make the process easier and more effective for you, your business and your goals.


Article by EASA Software

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