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The Three Most Common Excel Headaches, and an Aspirin-free Approach to Eliminating Them

by Mike Nieburg in All Blog Posts, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), Democratization, Excel Spreadsheets, Finance and Insurance

Excel is universally loved for its flexibility, power and agility, but probably nearly as universally loathed for three problems it can create when users attempt to share critical spreadsheets, namely: 1. Lack of version control – most of us have personally experienced the scenario of losing track of which copy of a spreadsheet is the […]

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How Companies Can Deal with Sharing Excel Spreadsheets with Many Users

by wpadmin in All Blog Posts, Excel Spreadsheets

Due to its accessibility and versatility for data entry and calculation applications, Excel is a ubiquitous tool, in use at businesses in virtually every industry. From start-ups to global multi-national corporations, Excel is used for business processes such as modeling, analytics, data aggregation, and configuration, pricing and quoting (“CPQ”). As the needs of a business […]

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EASA Software Featured in Bloor Research InDetail Paper By Philip Howard

by Sebastian Dewhurst in All Blog Posts, Appification, CAD/CAE, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), Democratization, Excel Spreadsheets, Finance and Insurance, News, Simulation

Bloor Research, independent IT research, analysis and consultancy firm based in Europe (bloorresearch.com) published an InDetail paper on rapid codeless application development and deployment software EASA (easasoftware.com). The InDetail paper, authored by Philip Howard of Bloor Research, provides an executive summary of EASA’s capabilities, as well as an in-depth analysis of EASA’s capabilities and applications. […]

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The dilemma: Replace Excel with dedicated CPQ software for quoting & proposal generation? Maybe not…

by Mike Nieburg in Appification, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), Excel Spreadsheets, Finance and Insurance

There are situations when Excel is an ideal solution for CPQ, for example when your configuration mix is small and uncomplicated, with few people generating proposals and tight budgets for software investments. But as you scale up to a larger group of users, with increasing proprietary information, need for approvals and a generally more regimented […]

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How The Appification of Simulation is Changing SPDM (Simulation Process and Data Management)

by admin in All Blog Posts, CAD/CAE, Excel Spreadsheets

The democratization of simulation and design optimization is proving to be an increasingly important goal as enterprises realize that greater collaboration can lead to significant advancements – and ultimately position an enterprise as the innovative leader in their industry. In a recent article by Kenneth Wong from Desktop Engineering, Simulation Lifecycle Management’s New Mission, Wong […]

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Mitigating the Dangers of Microsoft Excel

by admin in All Blog Posts, Excel Spreadsheets

The other day we stumbled upon this article from Forbes that called out Microsoft Excel as the “most dangerous software on the planet.” Excel, dangerous?  What are they getting at here? The article speaks to the fact that financial institutions like JP Morgan use Excel to manage complex and critical calculations which were, in fact, […]

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Pfizer Finds Solution in Corporate-Wide Deployment of Modeling Technology With EASA

by admin in All Blog Posts, Case Studies, Excel Spreadsheets

In the incredibly competitive pharmaceutical industry, innovation is everything. And when it comes to process design innovation, modeling is critically important to innovation. Modeling technology allows for process designs to be conceptualized, developed and refined, tested and verified. A good model can be applied to different problems and challenges. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer leveraged modeling techniques […]

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Deploying Excel to Web Applications for Your Business Needs

by EASA Software in All Blog Posts, Excel Spreadsheets

Organizations across multiple industries, of varied sizes and of entirely different customer focuses all have one thing in common: A love-hate relationship with excel spreadsheets. Excel is one of the most useful and multipurpose mediums an organization can utilize to share information, collaborate with multiple teams and organize project management. Unfortunately in the past there […]

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How Insurance Industry Leader Zurich Financial Uses EASA for Innovation

by EASA Software in All Blog Posts, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), Excel Spreadsheets

The insurance industry is a competitive one, and companies that occupy this sector need to be constantly improving their processes to stay successful. One of the biggest challenges that insurance groups face is how to effectively and efficiently price their products.  The pricing process for insurance providers is a complex one where many factors, some […]

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